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  1. Coach Jim says:

    If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. What’s the easiest yet most effective way for us small business owners to effectively track our financials and continuously improve our business? Find out here:

  2. Coach Jim says:

    Everyone learned from Steven Covey how to prioritize in two dimensions … importance vs. urgency was a powerful matrix … now learn to accelerate your results like a rocket and prioritize in three dimensions … what’s the secret third axis of power?

  3. Coach Jim says:

    This is an epic question for all time – Should you choose love or money? … what’s your answer? Here’s some things to consider and a strong recommendation:

  4. Coach Jim says:

    I love heart-based sales and helping people. Learn to sell while keeping in integrity with your values:

  5. Coach Jim says:

    Is it possible to create unlimited business growth without creating more work and breakdowns? This article lays out your future path to success:

  6. Coach Jim says:

    Now that you’ve found the perfect employee, it’s time to do everything you can to keep them! Here’s an article on how …

  7. Coach Jim says:

    I hear too many business owners saying “You can’t find good people in the Tahoe basin”. I’ve found this to simply not be true. Here’s a tried and true model for finding the perfect person for your team:

  8. Coach Jim says:

    The last two weeks of the year is a great time to look back and reflect on our business performance and get ready to create an awesome plan for breakthrough results next year!

  9. Coach Jim says:

    Ever wonder what a business vision statement is? What’s the difference between a vision and mission? How do you create a lasting powerful one for your corporation? Here’s the answers … enjoy …

  10. Coach Jim says:

    Your business mission statement can be a timeless guiding light for your company. Here’s why it’s so important, what to include and how to write an enduring powerful one …

  11. Why should a business spend money to develop a YouTube channel?

    Today Robert Rappaport discussed using SierraTech’s service to develop a YouTube channel, and why every business, with a website, should have one. Below is our Public Channel:

    SierraTech provides tutoring service in the use of Computers, Software and Hardware such as; “Adding music to iPhone”, “Using Word to print mailing labels” and other topics such as “Scanning Documents with PaperPort”. When multiple clients express a common interest to learn a topic, this motivates us to generate a Tutorial Video on that topic. Many of our videos are borne from our own research, giving us an edge to meet future questions both locally and the community at large. Our Public YouTube channel is a site dedicated to “How-to” videos. Our teaching methods have always used multimedia to demonstrate the concepts we are are trying to convey. Our Digital Photography Class (prepared in 2006) is based on video demonstrations and still images. We have used video to tutor clients over the last two decades including USAF and NASA.

    SierraTech can assist developing the look and feel of a YouTube channel (and demonstrate how it appears on various devices). We also have the tools to add content, whether recorded HDTV video, Computer Screen Recording (720P or 1080p HDTV), Narrated PowerPoint videos, and still images set to music using the Ken Burns Effect (panning and zooming photos to enhance presentation).

    If you have a website, adding embedded videos from YouTube will increase your SEO opportunities. Website hosting companies typically limit the amount of Bandwidth you can use per month. High Definition videos located on your website will use up this bandwidth quickly, if your video becomes popular, thus locking out visitors for the remainder of the billing period. If you embed a video from YouTube, your site visitor can watch the video and your website bandwidth is unaffected.

    Our Team Member Jim Kaspari reminded us that Google owns YouTube, so they will include videos in a Google search midway down the results page. If you have a client that wants to learn more about your business, and you have a YouTube video that speaks on your business’s behalf, you can always send them a link, or embed on your website under “Services” category. This make YouTube work for you.

    Let us know if you or a business client wants to add a YouTube Channel to feature your services or product information, and we can help design your channel. Bear in mind, you will need to spend time to answer questions posted on your channel. Active channels add to your Google ranking.

  12. New Probate Laws as of October 1, 2015
    By Jeremy L. Krenek, Attorney at Law

    On October 1, 2015, new laws to streamline the probate process for small estates beginning went into effect, and will allow executors and administrators of qualifying estates to expedite the probate process and cut down on costs to the estate.

    Previously, NRS 146.080 allowed a claimant to avoid probate if the estate did not include real property and the value of the estate was less than twenty thousand dollars ($20,000.00) by preparing an affidavit in lieu of filing a petition with the probate court. AB 130 amended NRS 146.080 to increase the affidavit limit to twenty five thousand dollars ($25,000.00) for all claimants except the surviving spouse. If the claimant is the surviving spouse, the affidavit limit increased to one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00). Additionally, motor vehicles no longer have to be included in the calculation of the size of the estate. This new law will help decrease the costs of administering an estate for those Nevadans that qualify because they will no longer be required file a petition with the court saving attorney’s fees and costs.

    The Nevada Legislature also amended NRS 145.040 by increasing the limit for Summary Administration from $200,000 to $300,000. Summary Administration allows for shorter notice periods to creditors and an expedited probate process. Now that expedited process will be available for those estates under $300,000.

    These are just some of the changes to probate and estate law made by the Nevada Legislature that went into effect on October 1, 2015. If you have questions or are confused about any of the new probate laws, do not hesitate to contact Incline Law Group to help provide you with legal clarity.

    Jeremy L. Krenek is an attorney at the Incline Law Group, LLP. Incline Law Group, LLP, is committed to providing legal clarity. Our transparent approach to delivering legal services is designed to get beneath the surface of the matter in order to minimize surprises and maximize our clients’ outcomes. Founded in 1973 by John C. Rogers, Incline Law Group has earned a reputation for professionalism, discretion, honesty, diligence and positive results. Our attorneys are licensed in Nevada and California and have been providing legal clarity in the areas of Real Estate, Litigation, Family Law, Contracts, Business Formation and Estate Planning for over 40 years to our Northern Nevada and California communities. Licensed in both California and Nevada, Jeremy’s practice focuses on general business and real estate law, family law, litigation and sports law.

  13. SierraTech LLC says:

    In October Microsoft plans to release Windows 8. IT Managers are less excited, and some claim it will be the next VISTA. It is geared toward platform uniformity between tablets, phones, touchscreen and desktops.

    What it has done is increase the sales of Windows 7, which is now catching up with the number of XP installations. Apple is poised to jump on Microsoft’s cartoonish appearance of Windows 8. Apparently the desktop appearance can be fine tuned to appear more like Windows 7, but the adds shows a Windows phone look on a desktop computer. We hope Microsoft rethinks its marketing stratagy or be prepared for the return of, “I’m a Mac” versus “I’m a PC” comercials.

    The jury is out, but we don’t want another Vista and hope Microsoft learned its lesson.

  14. Flame malware targets Microsoft Update system: Patch now

    For members using Windows, pleas have a look at the website below:

    Yesterday Microsoft released an “Out of Sequence” security update to thwart FLAME compromising the very system Microsoft uses to update our computers. Eliminating Malware can be a huge challenge, so Patch now to protect yourself!

  15. How to use Technology to professionally present your business using various Multimedia Platforms…..

    I wish to thank those who did attend this morning’s meeting, I spend hours preparing material to make multimedia presentations fun & thought provoking, and today’s presentation introduced smartphones & tablets as a method to store & present videos (sorry Jim, didn’t mean to pick on you but you were the only one present who owns an iPad).

    I have spent many hours making my clients look good, and the demonstrations this morning included DVDs containing animated still Images (using Pan, Tilt & Zoom with various transitions to keep the slideshow interesting yet informative), and multimedia platforms such as YouTube & iPhone/iPad loaded from iTunes.

    So, how can you reliably deliver your video you paid money to prepare?

    Three different solutions were presented to address delivery problems. These solutions are addressed below:

    1) Create a DVD with a Menu & Chapter structure to simplify presentation in Client’s home or office. This is a good solution, and custom labeling on DVD can be done to advertise your business printed on label along with your website. But the drawback is portability.

    2) Use YouTube to embed video on Website or stream to computer, smart phone or iPad. As I demonstrated Hi-Definition videos require fast Internet connections, something AT&T cannot provide (U-Verse should improve this). Coincidentally, after this morning’s meeting, I had a client email me that one of her client’s was unable to reliably stream content from my YouTube Channel ( This is because her Internet Connection was slow and is why YouTube should have both HD and Standard Definition clips, so you can stream the video using 3G connection (if using a computer you can choose resolution as I demonstrated, but iPhone 4 or 4S selects HD stream, and here is where speed problems manifest).

    3) The best solution is to pre-load the video in your iPhone or iPad. The iPad affords the big screen, and if you meet a client in Starbucks, you don’t need to worry about Wireless Internet or 3G connection issues, your video exist in your phone (Droid or iPhone) or iPad ready to tell your story. The iPhone or iPad can be connected to a widescreen TV or projector as demonstrated with iPhone.

    If you have invested in a smartphone, or Tablet, it’s time to make use of it to sell yourself on why your potential client should choose you! Slideshows can be boring, so interleaving animated photos with “HiDef” video (use 720P resolution) & adding “Royalty Free Music” gives the impression you know what you are doing. Remember if a picture is worth a 1000 words, think what a narrated video can do. Use an iPhone 4 or 4S as a video recorder (i.e. documenting how something is done).

    To watch the video presented today from my iPhone, click on one of the links below: (Must have Fast Internet Connection, at least 5mbits) (Use with DSL or 3G Smartphone/iPad)

    The upcoming iPhone 5 should be a 4G device, so if you are in an area where you have reliable 4G signal, the Internet speed will be blazing fast, but I recommend preloading video using iTunes. If my client has an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad I will create a version of the video that can be uploaded to the device. This is why you don’t want to skimp on memory when buying a smartphone or tablet.

    Thanks for the feedback this morning, even though our meeting was lightly attended I hope those who were present got some ideas how to wow your potential customers!

    Good Questions were raised, and here are some points to remember:

    DVD Resolution is 720 x 480 pixels (can be 480P or 480i depending on source material)

    iPhone 4 Video Resolution is 1280 x720 (almost 2X that of a DVD) perfect for YOUTUBE and can be down-converted for DVD

    iPhone 4S Video Resolution is 1080P (1920 x 1080 Pixels). There doesn’t seem to be a method to set it to 720P. Editing 1080P requires a lot of computing horsepower.

    Thank you for your feedback!

    Sierratech LLC

  16. This is a Website that discusses the size of QR CODES:
    Best Size QR Codes For Business Cards

    Good information sent to me by Dave Koch!

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