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New Member Orientation

June 19, 2014
Robert Rappaport of SierraTech LLC, presented the New Member Orientation to Tahoe Business Exchange membership. This video is posted for members only, and can be viewed once you enter Username and Password when prompted.



Member Presentations

January 29, 2015
Lourdes (Lulu) Bernal
Incline Martial Arts
Lulu is a is an instructor (and Co-Owner) of Incline Martial Arts. Lulu, and her husband are both Black Belt, and the whole family is involved in learning and teaching Martial Arts.  Lulu presents how school age children learn to address home and school pressures by learning confidence, helping them to succeed in life. Incline Martial Arts teaches life long lessons to children and also offers adult classes in Martial Arts training.

August 31, 2014
Jeremy L. Krenek
Attorney (California & Nevada)
Incline Law Group LLP
Mr. Krenek details the legal services his partnership provides, which includes a broad spectrum of Corporate Law to Personal Wealth Protection with Living Trusts.  The Incline Law Group has been a partnership for many years, meeting the needs of both businesses and personal law.

July 10, 2014
Omer Rains (Guest Speaker)
Much of Omer Rains’ current time is spent working with indigenous peoples, primarily in lesser developed nations. Among other humanitarian endeavors, he served as Chairman of the International Board of Director’s of Rural Education and Development (READ) Global. READ has thus far built over 50 libraries and economic development centers in rural and remote areas of Nepal, India, and Bhutan, all countries in which Rains spends much of his time. Past California State Senator Omer Rains presented his passion in assisting underdeveloped countries literacy programs around the world.

Toree Warfield is a woman of many talents. One of her businesses ‘Cut Above Calendars‘ features photographs from both professional and amateur photographers around the Lake Tahoe.  Toree makes T-Shirts, Mugs, Pens with your Business Logos, or the flair of Beautiful Lake Tahoe. Learn more about what Toree does for businesses and for unique gifts that keep customers coming back for that something special created by Toree.

James P. Borelli, AIA Architecture & Project Development: Presentation
TBX has some very creative members, and our own James P. Borelli is featured below as he presents how he approaches a remodel or addition. Whether it’s converting an old Home from a Box to a Showcase, or designing a New Home from scratch. A good Architect must keep current with all the building regulations, and Tahoe has a host of Agencies, due to the sensitive nature of Lake Tahoe. He must keeps abreast of the the various municipalities’ regulations levied by the various Government Agencies; such as Washoe County Health Dept., TRPA, IVGID, National Electric Code (NEC), and of course Washoe County Building Department (Agencies regulating Incline Village Construction). Watch his presentation to experience his professionalism. You will notice he loves what he does and results speak for themselves:

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2 Responses to Presentations

  1. How to Present your Business using Videos on YouTube Channel. Sierratech provides a Training channel on YouTube.

    During our presentation we introduced Chromecast. Chromecast (like Apple TV) can be thought of as an entertainment hub, using your Smartphone or Pad to control its use. The iOS APP “Photo Cast” is a free app, but for $2.99 you can eliminate the Watermark the app will cast photos or videos on your iPhone/iPad.

    The basic question, “What is a Chromecast?” was boiled down to a small HDMI WiFI device that provides High Definition video similar to Apple TV. The power of it, is the low cost, and rapid adoption into free and paid apps. Demonstration included streaming the beginning of the Movie, “Ghost Protocol” using iOS APP Flixter (Linked with our UltraViolet account). My presentation however was centered how to use Chromecast to present your business by showing a YouTube video from our YouTube channel. The YouTube APP has native support for Chromecast. The “Photo Cast” APP can be used to set your photographs to music, and animates the images using Pan & Scan. We use VLC APP to show videos from my DropBox and they will be rolling out an update to support Chromecast.

    Chromecast can receive images from Google Chrome (with free Chromecast plugin) on a PC or a MAC, as well using APPs for Android and iOS.

  2. Thanks for the website and all the technical communications that the website allows. Bob you are truly a new age tech guy. TBX members put your comments here.
    Michael Dooley

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