Tahoe Business Exchange:

Tahoe Business Exchange (TBX) is a group of businesses in Lake Tahoe area, joined together to form a Business Networking alliance and partnership. TBX is a Business Networking organization, centered around “Word-of-Mouth” advertising strategy. The purpose of TBX membership is to grow your business through the power of Referrals from other members within the network. TBX members pre-qualify contacts before referring them to the business representative within the group. A lead is then presented to the represented business member; with the understanding the potential client is expecting to be contacted. Belonging to TBX is like having a group of salespeople working for you, because all of your fellow members maintain your contact information with them at all times. When a member encounters a potential lead for another business in the group, the lead is qualified and member contact information is exchanged with the potential client.

TBX allows only one person per profession to apply for membership to avoid competition (there are many different categories within a single profession that can co-exist within the group) within the network. The Tahoe Business Exchange group meets three times per month, and conducts its meetings based on an agreed agenda (covered by our Bylaws). If you are interested in visiting our group of Businesses during one of our Stated Meetings (Incline Village), or wish to find out more information regarding our Mission Statement, please visit the “Contact Us” page for a list of representatives.