Six business branding mistakes and how to fix them.


Six business branding mistakes and how to fix them. By Rachel Flower Most people don’t really get what branding is.  It’s not just a logo or a snazzy website. And it’s not something that’s just for the big guys. A brand really represents the feel or image of a business. Which goes way beyond [...]

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Tracking Financials


If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. What’s the easiest yet most effective way for us small business owners to effectively track our financials and continuously improve our business? Find out here: Coach Jim peakbusinesscoaching.comx

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Accelerate Your Results


Everyone learned from Steven Covey how to prioritize in two dimensions … importance vs. urgency was a powerful matrix … now learn to accelerate your results like a rocket and prioritize in three dimensions … what’s the secret third axis of power? Coach Jim peakbusinesscoaching.comx

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Finding the Perfect Person for your Team


I hear too many business owners saying “You can’t find good people in the Tahoe basin”. I’ve found this to simply not be true. Here’s a tried and true model for finding the perfect person for your team: Coach Jim peakbusinesscoaching.comx

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Business Vision Statement


Ever wonder what a business vision statement is? What’s the difference between a vision and mission? How do you create a lasting powerful one for your corporation? Here’s the answers … enjoy … Coach Jim peakbusinesscoaching.comx

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