How to use Technology to Professionally Present your Business using Various Multimedia Platforms

I wish to thank those who did attend this morning’s meeting, I spend hours preparing material to make multimedia presentations fun & thought provoking, and today’s presentation introduced smartphones & tablets as a method to store & present videos (sorry Jim, didn’t mean to pick on you but you were the only one present who owns an iPad).

I have spent many hours making my clients look good, and the demonstrations this morning included DVDs containing animated still Images (using Pan, Tilt & Zoom with various transitions to keep the slideshow interesting yet informative), and multimedia platforms such as YouTube & iPhone/iPad loaded from iTunes.

So, how can you reliably deliver your video you paid money to prepare?

Three different solutions were presented to address delivery problems. These solutions are addressed below:

1) Create a DVD with a Menu & Chapter structure to simplify presentation in Client’s home or office. This is a good solution, and custom labeling on DVD can be done to advertise your business printed on label along with your website. But the drawback is portability.

2) Use YouTube to embed video on Website or stream to computer, smart phone or iPad. As I demonstrated Hi-Definition videos require fast Internet connections, something AT&T cannot provide (U-Verse should improve this). Coincidentally, after this morning’s meeting, I had a client email me that one of her client’s was unable to reliably stream content from my YouTube Channel ( This is because her Internet Connection was slow and is why YouTube should have both HD and Standard Definition clips, so you can stream the video using 3G connection (if using a computer you can choose resolution as I demonstrated, but iPhone 4 or 4S selects HD stream, and here is where speed problems manifest).

3) The best solution is to pre-load the video in your iPhone or iPad. The iPad affords the big screen, and if you meet a client in Starbucks, you don’t need to worry about Wireless Internet or 3G connection issues, your video exist in your phone (Droid or iPhone) or iPad ready to tell your story. The iPhone or iPad can be connected to a widescreen TV or projector as demonstrated with iPhone.

If you have invested in a smartphone, or Tablet, it’s time to make use of it to sell yourself on why your potential client should choose you! Slideshows can be boring, so interleaving animated photos with “HiDef” video (use 720P resolution) & adding “Royalty Free Music” gives the impression you know what you are doing. Remember if a picture is worth a 1000 words, think what a narrated video can do. Use an iPhone 4 or 4S as a video recorder (i.e. documenting how something is done).

To watch the video presented today from my iPhone, click on one of the links below: (Must have Fast Internet Connection, at least 5mbits) (Use with DSL or 3G Smartphone/iPad)

The upcoming iPhone 5 should be a 4G device, so if you are in an area where you have reliable 4G signal, the Internet speed will be blazing fast, but I recommend preloading video using iTunes. If my client has an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad I will create a version of the video that can be uploaded to the device. This is why you don’t want to skimp on memory when buying a smartphone or tablet.

Thanks for the feedback this morning, even though our meeting was lightly attended I hope those who were present got some ideas how to wow your potential customers!

Good Questions were raised, and here are some points to remember:

DVD Resolution is 720 x 480 pixels (can be 480P or 480i depending on source material)

iPhone 4 Video Resolution is 1280 x720 (almost 2X that of a DVD) perfect for YOUTUBE and can be down-converted for DVD

iPhone 4S Video Resolution is 1080P (1920 x 1080 Pixels). There doesn’t seem to be a method to set it to 720P. Editing 1080P requires a lot of computing horsepower.

Thank you for your feedback!

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