This is a letter you can use to introduce an interested person to TBX; personalize as needed:

Dear {potential TBX member},
I was happy to talk to you about my business networking group, Tahoe Business Exchange. As promised, here is a summary of what TBX is all about.
Currently there are 21 members. We meet every 1st, 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, from 8:15 to 9:45 a.m. in the IVGID conference room on Southwood Blvd.
The first meeting of the month is a business meeting, and we do not have visitors. Visitors come to the 2nd or 4th Thursday. The meeting begins with short introductions of each person. We call this the “Elevator Speech” and the group will help you develop yours. This is followed by an “Education Segment”, which a member presents, on a variety of business or self-help topics.
Next we have “Help Desk”, a platform for a member or members to confidentially talk to the group about a problem with a client, get advice about invoicing or writing a contract or anything else. This is completely confidential and whatever is discussed does not leave the room.
Members get an opportunity to present his/her business to the group once or twice a year. Presentations are 10 minutes long, followed by a few minutes of Q&A. We do two presentations per meeting, except for the business meetings. Presentations are recorded (if desired) for posting on YouTube, sending to clients or to use as a tool to improve your presentation skills. The presentations are always interesting and informative and help other members of the group to understand your business so as to better be able to generate leads for you.
Following the presentations, we do “Leads and Needs”, a segment where members share leads they have generated for other members, thank other members for leads given to them and state to the group: “A good lead for me is…
The TBX website,, is hosted and maintained by a member of the group. Members are encouraged to post on the blog.
Dues are $200 for the first year, which includes getting your business on the website, and $150/year thereafter.
Dues are used solely by the group and how they are used is decided upon by the group. We try to have two social events per year and do the occasional booth or promotional event.
A prospective member needs to commit to the three meetings per month. Things do occur which conflict, but TBX believes that attendance at meetings is important and every effort needs to be made to attend each meeting.
Potential members can visit twice before making a decision to join. I will act as your sponsor and will make sure you get the application and other materials you need should you decide to join. We would love to have you attend a meeting, see what you think.