This is an example of business meeting minutes taken, recorded, and sent to the group (this is just an example; members can devise their own format):

  1. Minutes for the TBX business meeting held on xx March 20–
  2.  Meeting convened at 8:30AM and we had a quorum shortly thereafter.
  3. Minutes from the previous business meeting was approved.
  4. John Sullivan from Sunshine Deli – “Start Your Day with Sunshine Deli” was sworn in as our newest member
  5. Discussion of the creation of a new TBX Website followed and is summarized below:
  6. There was confusion amongst the members of the purpose of the Website in the following areas:
  7. What is the overall business purpose of the Website?  Robert brought up that previously our site showed up as number 1 on Google but subsequently fell off in large part because of no mobile access.  The group appeared to view a return to this visibility on the internet as a major objective.
  8. Who is responsible for building a “Strawman” Website for the group to assess?
    1.  Tina, Toree, Robert, and Stephanie’s (son?) were identified as taking  part in building the new Website.  Robert is currently responsible for the website platform but current approaches might have that platform going elsewhere.  There did not appear to be a good reason to move the responsibility for the platform away from Robert.
    2. ACTION:  Need to establish who will be responsible for the platform.  Torre and Tina were currently pursuing independent approaches on the website design.  Stephanie pulled her son out of the mix since he was out of country and there appeared to be enough players.
    3. CONSENSUS:  TBX members wanted Tina, Torre, and Robert (Group of Three)  to work together as a team to put together a comprehensive plan and Strawman for the members.
      1. The plan would address 1) Platform & technical aspects 2) Website Design  3) Website maintenance 4) Schedule .
      2. Brad and Rachael were invited to provide some additional input to the group of three but they should largely let the group of three get a plan and first Strawman out by the next business meeting.
      3. ACTION:  Group of three to put together a plan and perhaps a first Strawman Website by the April business meeting.
  9. There was discussion of costs to build the Website and in the end the members voted that $1000 would be provided for creation of the new Website with the caveat that the group of three could revise the required amount at a later date.
  10. Beyond the above there was considerable discussion of various pieces of the website that was duly noted by the group of three.  They will incorporate various of this into the design.
  11. Summary:
  12. To be successful in creating a Website in a reasonable time members must rely on the group of three to do their job.  It is of great value to have this Website out as soon as possible understanding that our busy time of the year is coming very soon.  This Website should be looked upon as a means  for TBX to provide greater visibility to the public to our individual businesses – it should not be a replacement to your own business websites.
  13. Quickly creating a new TBX Website is dependent upon each of us responding quickly to the needs of the group of three.
  14. Extended discussion and revisions should be controlled.- try to work to the schedule.   Remember, Perfect takes forever!