The Tahoe Business Exchange Organization Meets the first, second and fourth Thursday Mornings at the
IVGID Administrative Office
893 Southwood Blvd
Incline Village, NV 89451
Located in the Board of Trustees Meeting Chambers
Meeting Start Time: 8:15 AM.

Want to Visit?

Tahoe Business Exchange is always looking to grow our sales force, and we seek new members in various business categories. To visit our group, you must contact one of the two names listed on “Contact Us” page to set up the visitation. This is done to confirm we have an opening for your business category (not in competition with an existing member). A visitor can attend a maximum of two (2) “Stated” meetings (see “Meeting Type Schedule” below) once your sponsor schedules an initial date with you to attend. If you have attended two (2) meetings and wish to submit an application for membership, your sponsor will give you a packet outlining the details necessary to submit your application. Come take a look at us if your serious about growing your business and helping others grow theirs!

Meeting ‘Type’ Schedule

At Tahoe Business Exchange we have two meetings classifications. The meeting classifications are Business Meetings, and Stated Meetings as described below.

Business Meeting:

The first meeting of the month (first Thursday) is classified as a “Business Meeting“. Due to the confidential nature of our Business Meetings (i.e. voting on membership) they are closed to visitors.

Stated Meeting:

The Stated Meeting occurs on second and fourth Thursdays of the month (dark third and any fifth Thursdays). The Stated meeting agenda is provisioned for businesses to educate each other how to market and refer one another. The Stated Meetings is where a visitor can witness the group in action.