Today Robert Rappaport discussed using SierraTech’s service to develop a YouTube channel, and why every business, with a website, should have one. Below is our Public Channel:

SierraTech provides tutoring service in the use of Computers, Software and Hardware such as; “Adding music to iPhone”, “Using Word to print mailing labels” and other topics such as “Scanning Documents with PaperPort”. When multiple clients express a common interest to learn a topic, this motivates us to generate a Tutorial Video on that topic. Many of our videos are borne from our own research, giving us an edge to meet future questions both locally and the community at large. Our Public YouTube channel is a site dedicated to “How-to” videos. Our teaching methods have always used multimedia to demonstrate the concepts we are are trying to convey. Our Digital Photography Class (prepared in 2006) is based on video demonstrations and still images. We have used video to tutor clients over the last two decades including USAF and NASA.

SierraTech can assist developing the look and feel of a YouTube channel (and demonstrate how it appears on various devices). We also have the tools to add content, whether recorded HDTV video, Computer Screen Recording (720P or 1080p HDTV), Narrated PowerPoint videos, and still images set to music using the Ken Burns Effect (panning and zooming photos to enhance presentation).

If you have a website, adding embedded videos from YouTube will increase your SEO opportunities. Website hosting companies typically limit the amount of Bandwidth you can use per month. High Definition videos located on your website will use up this bandwidth quickly, if your video becomes popular, thus locking out visitors for the remainder of the billing period. If you embed a video from YouTube, your site visitor can watch the video and your website bandwidth is unaffected.

Our Team Member Jim Kaspari reminded us that Google owns YouTube, so they will include videos in a Google search midway down the results page. If you have a client that wants to learn more about your business, and you have a YouTube video that speaks on your business’s behalf, you can always send them a link, or embed on your website under “Services” category. This make YouTube work for you.

Let us know if you or a business client wants to add a YouTube Channel to feature your services or product information, and we can help design your channel. Bear in mind, you will need to spend time to answer questions posted on your channel. Active channels add to your Google ranking.

Bob Rappaport

(775) 831-1232